Lady Sara's Bounty

Enthusiastic urban farmer, lover of all things beautiful, delivering nourishing homemade meals. Learning as I grow.

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hi, I'm Sara

Lady Sara’s Bounty combines my passion for urban farming with my love of making delicious, healthy food for busy people.

Everyone is busy (Aren’t we all busy? How are we all so busy?) but that doesn’t mean you can’t have nourishing meals delivered to your door.

Let me cook for you how I cook for myself. My chicken, broth and eggs are always organic. As a trained florist, I love making food look as good as it tastes. You can expect a rainbow of colourful sliced fruit and veg, soul-satisfying mains, and mouth-watering baked goods.

Traditional meal kits are loaded with additives and wasteful packaging, not to mention you still have to cook them! Lady Sara’s Bounty provides a week of meals and snacks delivered in no waste, glass containers. All you have to do is reheat and enjoy!

When I’m not planting seeds and harvesting veggies, I’m tinkering with new recipes or rambling in the woods with my husband and our daughter.

fresh ingredients

Menus change weekly and my ingredients are always super fresh.

Many of the vegetables come directly from my own organic garden plots, but if I don’t grow it (or the rabbits munch it all), I purchase Ontario grown seasonal produce whenever possible. So when you eat Lady Sara’s meals you’re not only nourishing yourself and your family, you’re sustaining the health of Ontario’s vital soil.

vegetarian options

Vegetarian and plant-based options are available every week.

meal delivery

Meals are delivered right to your door. Everything is carefully packaged in no waste, returnable containers. Simply reheat!

When you’re finished, rinse the containers and the delivery service will pick them up on Friday of the same week. All containers are sanitized in a commercial kitchen.